Truck, train, ship.

Gatt Transport and Logistics employee symbolizes the sustainable and efficient way of transport, called INTERMODAL.
"Intermodal transport solutions by Gatt combine the advantages of each transportation mode to be as efficient, safe and sustainable as possible."

Intermodal – a successful trilogy

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Gatt Transport & Logistik LKW
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Gatt Transport & Logistik Schiff
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Gatt Transport & Logistik Lokomotive

What means intermodal transportation?

Intermodal transportation refers to the movement of goods using multiple modes of transportation, such as truck, train, and ship. We chose intermodal transportation because we have a strong conviction that it will lead to a sustainable future in the long run. By combining multiple modes of transportation, we are making a conscious effort to reduce our impact on the environment and ensure a brighter future for generations to come.

The benefits of intermodal transportation:

  • reduced carbon and greenhouse gas emissions
  • improved air quality
  • lower noise pollution
  • reduced risk of accident
  • avoiding traffic jams

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